Did Makoto Shinkai make Weathering With You?

Is Your Name and Weathering With You connected?

5 Some Parts Of Tokyo Were Once Underwater

Close to the movie's end, in a final and important conversation between Hodaka and the grandmother of Your Name's cameo character Taki, the grandmother reveals that at one point, the land under the very building she lives in was once underwater.
Feb 22, 2020

Weathering With You Features Cameos From Your Name's Main Characters. Rather than simply a passing reference to Your Name, Weathering With You features another Shinkai character cameo -- and a significant one, at that. It's from one of Your Name's central characters: Taki Tachibana.Sep 9, 2021

Crunchyroll announces an international theatrical release for Suzume No Tojimari, the next film from Your Name director Makoto Shinkai. Suzume No Tojimari, the next film from Your Name and Weathering With You director Makoto Shinkai, has been picked up for international release.May 19, 2022

MS: 3D Studio Max is used mainly, but depending on the staff, it differs sometimes. But they are mostly like the one that American animators use, as well. We also use Blender. And then we composite this to that remains like Blender and 3D Studio Max by using Adobe After Effects.Nov 5, 2019

Japanese animator and director Makoto Shinkai is back with a follow-up to 2016's smash hit Your Name. His latest work, titled Weathering With You, isn't a sequel to the beloved body-swapping flick, but rather a supernatural tale that looks to bring two strangers with very different backgrounds together once more.Apr 10, 2019

Hina Amano

Hina is the heroine of the film who at first tells Hodaka she is 17 years old.
Sep 6, 2019

Cannes: Crunchyroll Takes Global Rights to Makoto Shinkai Anime Feature. 'Suzume no Tojimari' is a coming-of-age story about a teen who must combat devastation in various disaster-stricken locations across Japan.May 21, 2022

Weathering With You is a blockbuster anime romance from Makoto Shinkai, the director behind 2016's Your Name.Sep 9, 2021

The short answer to this question would be: Yes they do. Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu make an appearance in Makoto Shinkai's newest film, 'Weathering With You' (2020).Jan 17, 2020

image-Did Makoto Shinkai make Weathering With You?
image-Did Makoto Shinkai make Weathering With You?
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Is Garden of words connected to Weathering With You?
Garden of Words was back in 2013, where Weathering With You is coming out in 2019, and I think in the six years between, the people in Japan changed about how we feel about rain and the different seasons.Oct 1, 2019