Does FuuJin Ranbu have any resolution?

What's wrong with Arslan Senki?

  • For this review I'll cover the twenty five episode first series and the eight episode follow up, Fuujin Ranbu. Arslan senki is based off of a novel series that came out from '86 all the way until '17. That's even longer than Claremont's amazing run writing the X-men.

  • The fundamental issue with Arslan Senki: Fuujin Ranbu lies within the structure of the show. Its runtime was reduced by 2/3rds and they tried to jump over their heads with the amount of content put into the show.

  • The second season of Arslan Senki is below average as it has too many shifts in the narrative that make it hard to watch. In one episode we see the prince get exiled, and in the very next we see the prince being a human rights activist.

image-Does FuuJin Ranbu have any resolution?
image-Does FuuJin Ranbu have any resolution?
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