Does Saki get wings?

How many candidates are good in Platinum End?

Before Hatake and Tabuchi can react, the Metropoliman in the center of the field uses his white arrow to kill Hatake, and shoots Tabuchi with his red arrow.Mar 4, 2016

The series follows Mirai Kakehashi, a student who attempts suicide but is rescued by his guardian angel, Nasse, who not only has vowed to protect him, but bestows him special powers as he is also one of 13 candidates chosen by different angels to take the role of God, who is to retire in 999 days.

Chapter. Kanade Uryu (生流奏, Uryū Kanade?), also known as Metropoliman (メトロポリマン, Metoroporiman?), was the first major antagonist of Platinum End.

Throughout most of the story, Nasse is merely a supporting character who will explain the competition's rules or make personal comments, but she is far more than a prettier Ryuk. She is actually the oldest and most important angel from the heavens, and her role is highly symbolic in Platinum End.Apr 4, 2022

In the heavenly battle royale for the throne of God, each God candidate must be ready to lay down their lives for victory, and the mighty Metropoliman was in the lead to become the new God.Jan 18, 2022

Is Nasse Evil in Platinum End? Ultimately, evil is subjective. While Nasse is certainly not evil to Mirai or his allies, it's easy to see why she would be seen as evil to anybody else. The first piece of evidence for Nasse not being evil is that Nasse followed Mirai before God announced the need for a successor.Feb 22, 2022

Mimimi Yamada (山田美々々, Yamada Mimimi?), or Misurin (ミスリン, Misurin?), was an escape convict sentenced for homicide. She was manipulated by Kanade Uryu with a Red Arrow to be a part of his schemes at the Grand Tower battle.

This left a huge power vacuum in the war, and now the young Yuito Susumu seeks to fill it. Susumu was the masked kid who apparently quit Metropoliman's team during the amusement park battle, but that had been a ruse.Jan 25, 2022

Nasse (ナッセ, Nasse?), or the Angel of Purity (純度の天使, Jundo no Tenshi?), was a special-rank angel. She was one of the thirteen angels who selected Mirai Kakehashi as her God candidate. Her primary reason for choosing him was to help him achieve happiness.

image-Does Saki get wings?
image-Does Saki get wings?
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Who dies in Platinum End?
God commits suicide when she turns around. The world dies when God dies. One by one, the angels vanish and Professor Yoneda's arrow also disappears.Mar 19, 2022