How are Dragon Shield sleeves made?

How long does it take to get Dragon Shield custom sleeves?

Alter Sleeves are the world's first TCG removable product that provides both customization and protection: they are high-quality designs printed on perfect-fitting “inner” sleeves that dramatically change the appearance of collectible card game cards without permanently marking them.Dec 2, 2019

Sleeve crafter products will in most cases arrive within 15 business days (Monday to Friday, Excluding bank holidays).

Nearly all of the plastic sleeves that your greeting cards come in these days will be made from polypropylene, or PP for short. In the old days they used to be made from cellophane, and indeed we still call them “cello bags” on our website.Apr 17, 2019

  • Custom Card Sleeves 1 Step 1: Upload Your image & Choose Your Options#N#To get started you'll need to upload a PNG, or jpg file first#N#Upload... 2 Step 2: Choose your Upgrades#N#To get started you'll need to upload a PNG, or jpg file first#N#Premium Editing (+ preview)... 3 Step 3: And add to cart! GG More ...

  • Custom Card Sleeves 1 Upload Your Image. Which file do I prepare? 2 Choose your Specifications. Small Japanese size - suitable for YGO (2.55"x3.6") Standard size - suitable for MTG and Pokemon (2.7"x3.8") 3 Choose your Upgrades. What is premium editing. 4 And add to cart! GG

  • As a type of cardholder, sleeves secure enclosed items while providing easy removal with die-cut thumb notches. Ideal for bulk printed items such as individual hotel keycards and gift certificates, our custom-made card sleeves allow you to protect cards while providing recipients with detailed information that might not fit on the card itself.

  • Since card sleeves are the size of a standard business card, they can be added to any presentation folder containing business card slots (free when you order folders with us), making these supplies a central part of your enhanced presentation materials. *Based on maximum quantity. Prices may change.

image-How are Dragon Shield sleeves made?
image-How are Dragon Shield sleeves made?
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