How do I find a specific anime?

Why is Miku 39?

Adapted from the manga of the same name, Sazae-san is by far the longest-running anime series of all time, with over 2500 episodes to date. Beginning in 1969, Sazae-san remains on the air each Sunday evening to this day. The show follows Sazae Fuguta and her family.Jun 30, 2021

"39" is a song featuring Hatsune Miku by sasakure. UK. It was uploaded in celebration of Miku's 5th birthday. The song is about Miku giving thanks to all her listeners, people who use her, and just any overall fan of VOCALOID in general for sticking with her for this long.Jul 27, 2012

Founded in 2001, Anime-Planet was created by fans, for fans. Anime-Planet offers the ability to track the anime you've seen, and the manga, webtoons, and OELs that you've read; has personalized anime and manga recommendations; the ability to legally read and watch content online through industry partnerships; and has a ...Jul 27, 2022

Three Tales (1960) was the first anime film broadcast on television; the first anime television series was Instant History (1961–64). An early and influential success was Astro Boy (1963–66), a television series directed by Tezuka based on his manga of the same name.

AniDB stands for Anime DataBase. AniDB is a non-profit anime database that is open freely to the public. This means that all users have the ability to add or edit information on AniDB. The site features detailed information about all forms of CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) animation.

Hatsune Miku does not have a canon boyfriend. However, most people paired her up with Kaito Shion. Kaito is a Vocaloid boy who comes from the previous generation of Miku.Feb 19, 2020

Akihiko Kondo is married to Hatsune Miku - a computer-synthesised pop singer who has toured with Lady Gaga and starred in video games. Akihiko Kondo is not the only person who is in a relationship with a fictional character.Apr 27, 2022

Hummingbird API/Kitsu API Pricing

The Hummingbird API is free for non-commercial use.
Apr 23, 2021

According to the survey, more than 6,000 anime are produced, and more than 3,200 anime are aired on television. Also, about 60% of the all animations broadcasted in the world are made in Japan. Japanese Anime holds several Guinness World Record.

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What happened to MyAnimeList?
MyAnimeList was acquired by Media Do in January 2019; with their purchase, they announced their intention to focus on marketing and e-book sales to strengthen the site.
Is there a MyAnimeList app?
The official app for your favorite anime and manga database and community is here! Quickly find information on anime or manga you're watching or reading, read reviews of titles you're planning to start or get recommendations for similar anime or manga from fans who enjoyed a series as much as you.
How do I find a specific anime?
Visit the official Anime Character Database site, which has a lot of information compiled about different anime series. Think about some specific details of the show, like character names, or the year the show was first released. Use the Anime Character Database with specific parameters to narrow it down.
Is AOT shonen or seinen?
Attack on Titan defies what the Shōnen genre offers and is better grouped as a Seinen anime – a demographic that houses titles that mirror the Titan-based show.Jul 17, 2022
What anime is Gojo from?
Satoru Gojo (Japanese: 五条 悟, Hepburn: Gojō Satoru) is a fictional character from Gege Akutami's manga Jujutsu Kaisen.
What anime has zero two in it?
Zero Two (Japanese: ゼロツー, Hepburn: Zero Tsū), also called Code:002 (コード:002, Kōdo:002) and 9'℩ (ナインイオタ, Nain Iota, "Nine Iota") is a fictional character in the Japanese anime television series Darling in the Franxx by A-1 Pictures, Trigger, and CloverWorks.
What anime can beat Goku?
Anti-Spiral can beat goku without difficulty

Then, at the end of the list, 1st place, we have the Anti-Spiral. In the Tengan Toppa series Gurren Lagann Anti-Spiral is a species of beings that are Omnipotent, omniscient, and ever-present. They could stop their own evolution and appear in any both space and time.
Oct 25, 2021
Is Gojo a traitor?
After the events of the Shibuya Incident, Gojo has been deemed an accomplice and is permanently exiled from the jujutsu society. Removing his seal is now considered as a criminal act, and anyone who does remove the seal will be considered a traitor.
What anime is Astolfo from?
"Fate/Apocrypha" Dawn of the End (TV Episode 2017) - Rumi Okubo as Astolfo - IMDb.
Can you search by genre on Crunchyroll?
Selecting Genre, simply returns an alphabetical list. Selecting Season returns also an alphabetical list. There doesn't appear to be a way to combine these criteria into a single query. Some of these things are available in limited capabilities, some I added.
Is AniList safe?
AniList has a consumer rating of 2.29 stars from 7 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases.
What's the meaning of seinen?
In Japanese, the word seinen literally means "youth", but the term "seinen manga" is also used to describe the target audience of magazines like Weekly Manga Times and Weekly Manga Goraku which cater specifically to men's interests, and are marketed towards a demographic of young adult men between the ages of 18 and 40 ...
Whats better funimation or Crunchyroll?
Funimation vs Crunchyroll: Anime content

While Crunchyroll's humongous anime library hands down the winner, there's more to the anime on Funimation. Furthermore, both Funimation and Crunchyroll have their exclusives; however, when it comes to individuality, Funimation tends to focus on English anime dubs.
Apr 23, 2022
What is Shonen anime?
Shōnen manga refers to manga aimed at an audience of adolescent boys, with the primary target audience alternately defined as 9 to 18 years old and as 12 to 18 years old. Of the four primary demographic categories of manga (shōnen, shōjo, seinen, and josei), it is the most popular category in the Japanese market.
How do I search for anime by genre on Myanimelist?
Of course it is. here's Shounen. You can search by order clicking on score, episodes or type. Thank you!Oct 17, 2015
Who is Gojo Satoru girlfriend?
Gojo frequently teases Utahime, which eventually gets on her nerves. Utahime is used to this teasing because of their long relationship, and even though she gets agitated, they manage to get along when they're in action. Fans of the show seem to like the constant bickering between these polar opposites.Aug 15, 2021
What are the 4 genres of anime?
Did you know that there are different types of anime? The five types are shonen, shojo, seinen, josei, and kodomomuke. Each kind of anime is focused on a specific target population of viewers.May 9, 2020
Is Gojo a villain?
Their reasoning for Gojo becoming a villain is bc they believe that Gojo has set shibuya up by destroying the two key items into setting himself free from the prison realm and they also think that Gojo is staying in the prison realm so that way a 'full resurrected 20 finger Sukuna frees him so that they could fight'.Apr 12, 2021
How many anime are there?
According to the survey, more than 6,000 anime are produced, and more than 3,200 anime are aired on television. Also, about 60% of the all animations broadcasted in the world are made in Japan.
Which is the most dominant genre in anime?
  • Romance - Fruits Basket. One of the most popular genres of film and television of all time,animated or not,is romance. ...
  • Comedy - Ouran High School Host Club. Many shows feature comedy as a secondary genre,their primary focus being fantasy or romance or adventure.
  • Seinen - Berserk. ...
  • Isekai - Sword Art Online. ...
  • Mecha - Mobile Suit Gundam. ...
  • Sports - Haikyuu!! ...
How to identify anime and manga genres?
  • Shonen. Literally meaning “few years,” “shonen” (少年) typically refers to young boys under the age of fifteen.
  • Seinen. “Seinen” (青年),on the other hand,refers to young men between the ages of 15-24. ...
  • Shojo. ...
  • Josei. ...
  • Kodomomuke. ...
How many genres of anime are there?
  • There are 29117 different anime as of this moment. To calculate this I used the database and added up all the anime produced by all the producers. Anime Studios / Producers - p.s If you try calculate the total amount of anime by genres, it will not work, as there are repeats.
What are all the types of anime?
  • Ecchi. Ecchi anime is about sex but does not contain sex footage. ...
  • Harem. There are more than 2 women/girls around our male protagonist who desire him. ...
  • Slice Of Life. As the name suggests,it deals with small problems,details,etc. ...
  • Mecha. Mecha are simply animes with giant robots. ...
  • Lolicon. ...
  • Shotacon. ...
  • Isekai. ...
  • Iyashikei. ...
  • Yuri or Shojo-ai. ...
  • Yaoi or Shonen-ai. ...
Who is Miku in love with?
Miku kissed Rin on the cheek in one of the official games. In the official song named "Rin-chan Now!", Miku expressed her love to Rin boldly in various ways, her love was composed in the following wishes: She expressed her wish to cuddle with her and squeeze her in her arms.
What anime is Miku?
Miku Nakano ( 中 なか 野 の 三 み 玖 く , Nakano Miku?) is the third sister of the Nakano Quintuplets, and one of the main characters of the 5-toubun no Hanayome series.
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