How do you use See you Next Tuesday?

Is See you Next Tuesday a bad word?

  • In January 2017, Irish professional wrestler Becky Lynch caught heat—and subsequently reprimanded—for trash-talking an opponent ahead of an upcoming match with “See you next Tuesday.” While see you next Tuesday is a more modern phenomenon, its spelling is not without precedent.

  • See you next Tuesday is used as a covert insult. As cunt is widely considered a particularly misogynistic taboo word, so too is see you next Tuesday. Though a euphemism, it is often deemed offensive. Despite, or perhaps because of the sly taboo involved, several performers have used see you next Tuesday.

  • I’ll See you next Tuesday. See you next Tuesday. The judge responded, “How kind.” Clearly, the judge was unaware that “See you next Tuesday” is often used as a way of calling someone a “cunt” without actually using the word. A member of the defense team shared this information with Kind, after which he met without counsel in chambers.

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image-How do you use See you Next Tuesday?
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