How many versions of Devilman are there?

When did the original Devilman come out?

Suda51 mentioned in an interview that Devilman and some of Go Nagai's other horror manga like Violence Jack and Susano Oh were some of the inspiration for his games. According to Mega Man series creator, Keiji Inafune, the design of Zero's helmet was inspired by the titular character of the manga Devilman.

Cover to Kodansha's Shōnen Magazine #25 released on June 11, 1972, featuring the first chapter of Devilman. Devilman is one of Dynamic Productions most iconic and famous series. The original story was written by Go Nagai in 1972, who considers it his greatest work.

The character of devilman has featured in a number of manga, OVAs and movies. This is however an anime version produced for children under close censorship. This has none of the extreme violence of later versions or the books. The characters are younger and the situations are less obviously adult.

By the end of Devilman Crybaby, all humans, including Akira's loved ones, die painful deaths. Ryo explains that it's been his plan all along to wipe out humanity, a race he believes is weak and without purpose. As angels descend to cleanse the earth of bloodshed, Satan and Akira stage a final, insane battle.Jan 11, 2018

Watch Devilman Crybaby | Netflix Official Site.Nov 21, 2017

Really 700 Years Old: Angels are more ancient than even the demons, and as one, Ryo/Satan is far, far older than he looks.

You don't need to watch any of the older series to watch crybaby. Crybaby is the main story from start to finish which follows the main Devilman manga. It has no storyline connections to the other series.Jan 11, 2018

The way it dealt with sexuality and its openly LGBT characters also received praise; Surat said "many strongly resonate with Crybaby for its emphasis on explicitly gay and lesbian characters in a dramatic presentation".

It is often believed to be a direct sequel to the original Devilman manga series, but this is a misconception, as Devilman Lady is in fact the actual sequel, whereas Violence Jack is set in an alternate timeline, taking place in an alternate continuity following the events of Devilman.Jul 22, 1973

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image-How many versions of Devilman are there?
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How strong is Amon devilman?
Abilities and Powers

Amon is easily one of the most powerful demons in the series, able to single handedly slaughter an entire group of demons without much effort.
Where can I watch Devilman 1972?
All ten episodes of Devilman Crybaby and the Cyborg 009 crossover are available to stream on Netflix. Devilman Lady (also known as The Devil Lady) is a spin-off that received an anime in 1998 that ADV dubbed.Mar 3, 2021
Did Devilman inspired berserk?
Devilman inspired the authors of iconic anime series such as "berserk" and "neon genesis evangelion". The original"Devilman" series plays on the TV when Akira remembers parts of his childhood. A still image from that same series also comes up when Taro searches for the Devilman online.
Are Akira and Ryo in love?
Ryo fell in love with Akira over their friendship, to the point that he spurs Akira's possession and the events of the series, in hopes of Akira being able to survive the impending battles with demons.