How old is Aya Matsuura?

When did Matsuura release Omoi Afurete?

  • Matsuura has appeared in many commercials for various companies; notably Pretz snack foods, Epson color printers, and Kirin beverages. She has also taken part and co-hosts the television show Utawara with other names in Japanese entertainment such as Johnny Jimusho's Jun Matsumoto .

  • Before her graduation, Matsuura released her fifth studio album, Omoi Afurete, on January 21, 2009, and her 21st single, " Chocolate Damashii ", was released on February 11 for Valentine's Day. Matsuura graduated from Hello!

  • Matsuura graduated from Hello! Project on March 31, 2009, but months later, on August 26, 2009, Matsuura launched her own blog called Ayablog and announced that her Omoi Afurete tour will be her last for two or three years. However, she has since released a Cover Album ( Click You, Link Me, 2010).

image-How old is Aya Matsuura?
image-How old is Aya Matsuura?
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