How old is DB SHU?

Is Shu a dog?

Yes, it is. It's a good anime, but it's not great- the battles are really drawn out, and there's just too many power-ups. And, of course, the dubbed versions suck. They take all the fun out the the original Japanese version.

Shu is a short anthropomorphic Shiba-inu dog (though he is often mistaken for a fox by fans) with ginger or light brown fur covering his entire body, and a tan face and paws.

After Chi-Chi chastises Gohan, Mr. Shu proceeds to state that this is due to the father's influence and ultimately pushes Chi-Chi too far when he states that Goku abandoned them, calls him worthless, and whips Gohan across the face hard enough to draw blood right in front of her.

The anthropomorphic ninja dog Shu is another prominently featured dog in the Dragon Ball world, but he comes second to Bee purely because wasn't seen or mentioned throughout the entirety of Dragon Ball Z, the sequel series to Dragon Ball.Feb 9, 2018

Shu is one of Pilaf's underlings and works together with his accomplice and fellow lackey, Mai, to carry out missions and further their master's plot to take over the world using the power of the Dragon Balls. His trademark look is a ninja outfit complete with a katana he keeps strapped to his back.Jan 18, 2022

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