How popular is FFX?

What is considered the best Final Fantasy game?

A recent poll held by Yahoo Japan resulted in Final Fantasy VII being voted the most popular game in the series, followed by Final Fantasy VI and X. The iconic Final Fantasy VII has been voted the most popular entry in the series, beating the incredibly popular FF14 in a poll conducted by Yahoo Japan.Mar 1, 2022

The Game Awards 2020 crowned its Best RPG, and to no one's surprise, Square Enix's Final Fantasy 7 Remake took home the hardware against some quality competition.Dec 10, 2020

Final Fantasy VI

Nearly 30 years after its release, Final Fantasy VI remains the best Final Fantasy game.
Apr 27, 2022

Final Fantasy VII (US) is still the best game in the series.

The characters were fascinating

They had backstories that were fascinating, tragic, and made sense of their motivations. Their histories fleshed them out and made them deep, and their roles within Final Fantasy VII built upon these stories.
Sep 7, 2012

Even the extended experience of Final Fantasy XV, the aforementioned series and movie, is truly only enjoyable if you are a hardcore fan. If Square Enix ever does a proper definitive version of the game with no segregation of content, then it might be worth revisiting.Nov 29, 2021

According to the results, Emet-Selch is the most popular Final Fantasy XIV character. Behind him at second place is G'raha Tia, with Haurchefant sitting at third place. Other characters that made it within the top 20 include Alphinaud, Estinien, Ardbert, and Zenos.Mar 17, 2022

While many fans have their own favorites over the course of fifteen mainline games — and tons of spinoffs — VII stands as the popular favorite. Not only was it the most successful game in the series but the most popular as a result.Apr 24, 2022

According to the writer, the moment when Tidus disappears was the saddest moment of all the Final Fantasy series. The love story between Tidus and Yuna in Final Fantasy X has a devastating ending since, as it turns out, Tidus is not a real figure, and he has to disappear at the end of the story.Feb 27, 2020

  • Final Fantasy: Ranking All The Main Games From Worst To Best. 1 15 Final Fantasy XIII. via: Final Fantasy XIII was supposed to be the promising entry that defined the JRPG of the eight generation ... 2 14 Final Fantasy XI. 3 13 Final Fantasy III. 4 12 Final Fantasy V. 5 11 Final Fantasy II. More items

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Is Final Fantasy an RPG?
  • While the role-playing game (RPG) has become a catch-all genre, now encompassing an almost silly range of games that don’t share much in common, there was one video game franchise in the 1990s that was the quintessential RPG. Yes, we’re talking about Final Fantasy from Square Enix.
Why is Final Fantasy so popular?
  • Final Fantasy is one of the most important and influential video game series of all time. It's also one of the most varied. Ever since the original Final Fantasy on NES, the series has experimented and evolved, often redefining the standards for an entire genre.
Is FFXI a good online game?
  • While It is hard to rank an online game of an offline series, FFXI may either bring you nostalgia or will remain one of the FF titles you never played, and that's okay. While Final Fantasy III has only seen an original release in Japan, in 1990, a remake of the game later came out in the Nintendo DS, on 2006.