Is Digimon Tamers any good?

Do you think Digimon have some deep dark secrets?

  • Bandai and Toei Animation have done a fantastic job of keeping fans entertained, by generally maintaining the quality of the TV series and occasionally releasing a video game adaptation in the West. Digimon started off as a rival for Nintendo's Pokémon franchise, before finding its own audience.

  • The makers of Digimon have some deep dark secrets they don't want anyone to know. Digimon has been around for awhile. Originally created in the mid-90s, the property gained a following due to a string of popular anime series and some (inconsistent) games.

  • If the anime was not a hit, the final bad guy was set to be Devimon. Thankfully, Digimon surpassed expectations and new content is still being released today. The Dark Ocean is a standout moment in the rollercoaster ride that is season two.

image-Is Digimon Tamers any good?
image-Is Digimon Tamers any good?
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