Is Gaius a villain?

What job is Urianger?

Richard Epcar is the English dub voice of Gaius van Baelsar in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and Akio Ōtsuka is the Japanese voice.

In Shadowbringers, Y'shtola is available as an NPC ally during dungeons using the Trust System. Though her class is listed as Sorceress, she uses renamed versions of Black Mage spells as well unique versions of her aforementioned offensive White Magic like Aero and Stone.

Urianger was an Arcanist even before the class was available to players; in the legacy version, he used one of the mechanical staves that had previously been tagged for use by the old version of Arcanists found in the game's data files.

Characters infatuated with Wol/d: Alphinaud- Puppy love/admiration, later became a sibling relationship. Hien- reverence, respect, and essentially indebted to us for what we did.Aug 29, 2020

The Garlean legions in Garlemald remained tempered by Anima, forcing them to continue serving Zenos and Fandaniel. They end up on a suicidal killing spree after Anima's destruction, but most were subdued and cured of their tempering.

Background. Garlean Purebloods tend to, though not always, be naturally physically powerful, and their third eye gives them increased spatial awareness. Despite this, they lack the hereditary traits required to manipulate aether, making it impossible for them to use magicks.

Colin Ryan, professional name of Colin Santisuk Green (born 23 June 1986) is an English actor, best known for the BBC's series Leonardo as a young Lorenzo de' Medici, as Harry in Doctor Who Series 10 'Knock Knock', and as the voice of Alphinaud Leveilleur in Final Fantasy XIV from the Heavensward expansion onward.

Thancred is listed as thirty-two. Yda and Y'shtola have to be somewhere in between Papalymo and Thancred in age. From there, Urianger and Moenbryda come in at twenty-nine.Oct 22, 2019

Cid is a playable character at the ripe old age of 71. He fights alongside Cecil and Rosa to repel Baron's invasion and later accompanies Ceodore for the last portion of his journey.Jan 1, 2014

Endwalker technically has two main villains, with Stormblood's Zenos yae Galvus returning. But it's the secondary antagonist, Fandaniel, where the tragedy really starts. Eventually, you'll uncover his vitally important role in the lore of the game and the coming of the Final Days.Dec 30, 2021

image-Is Gaius a villain?
image-Is Gaius a villain?
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What happened to Gaius ff14?
Lahabrea appears, where he activates the true power of the Ultima Weapon. Gaius fights the Adventurer again. After the fight, his Ultima Weapon is destroyed. During the Adventurer's escape from the Praetorium, Gaius is killed by the explosions from the destruction of the Praetorium.
What race is Gaius van Baelsar?
Full Name: Gaius Van Baelsar. He carries the moniker Black Wolf. Race: Garlean. Gender: Male.
Who voiced Gaius Ffxiv?
Having also voiced Gabranth in Final Fantasy XII, Gaius's voice actor Akio Otsuka jokingly said he thought he was playing a Judge again due to Gaius's similar attire. The game contains several hints that the Shadowhunter is Gaius prior to it being confirmed.