Is Hayao Miyazaki Japanese or Chinese?

What is the message of the films of Miyazaki?

  • Series of manga (or rather, "graphic essays") which Miyazaki has very sporadically wrote in a Japanese scale model magazine, Model Graphix (1984–92). They are totally independent manga stories, mecha ideas, or movie ideas about tanks, planes, or battle ships from the era before World War II-the "favorites" of Miyazaki.

  • Miyazaki is critical of capitalism, globalization, and their effects on modern life. He believes that "a company is common property of the people that work there". Ram Prakash Dwivedi identified values of Mahatma Gandhi in the films of Miyazaki. Several of Miyazaki's films feature anti-war themes.

  • After moving to Zuiyō Eizō (later known as Nippon Animation) in 1973, Miyazaki worked as an animator on World Masterpiece Theater, and directed the television series Future Boy Conan (1978). He joined Tokyo Movie Shinsha in 1979 to direct his first feature film The Castle of Cagliostro as well as the television series Sherlock Hound.

image-Is Hayao Miyazaki Japanese or Chinese?
image-Is Hayao Miyazaki Japanese or Chinese?
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