Is Magecraft a triggered ability?

How does magecraft work in Fate?

Tsuki no Sango (lit. "Moon's Coral") is a short story written by Type-Moon, set in the Nasuverse. In the year 3000, humanity has advanced, but is losing the will to live. Meanwhile, in an island colony on the moon resides a girl who tells the story of how her ancestor supposedly came to Earth.

'Magecraft' (魔術, Majutsu?), or Thaumaturgy is the artificial reenactment of a mystery, a miracle. Following the entry for Magic, Magecraft is the ability to reproduce what can be scientifically realized regardless of time and funds.

Magecraft can be classified as human wisdom and the world, while Magic is the solitude outside of that, included in neither. Magecraft focuses on the studying of history, the works of man and the circle of life of the planet, but Magic is considered the providence of a god beyond the skies.

Take something like Isochron Scepter, for instance. It says "cast" and "copy" on it, so does it trigger magecraft abilities twice? Nope! The Scepter instructs us to copy the exiled card, and then cast the copy.May 19, 2022

A copy of a spell is owned by the player under whose control it was put on the stack. A copy of a spell or ability is controlled by the player under whose control it was put on the stack. A copy of a spell is itself a spell, even though it has no spell card associated with it. A copy of an ability is itself an ability.Sep 8, 2022

Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, if it targets one or more other permanents you control, create a token that's a copy of one of those permanents. When a spell or ability an opponent controls causes you to discard this card, create a token that's a copy of target permanent.

Neco-Arc (ネコアルク, Neko-Aruku?) is a Neco Spirit appearing in the Tsukihime series. She is a pint-size cat girl parody of Arcueid Brunestud, acting as the mascot character of Type-Moon at times.

Magecraft is an ability that triggers any time you cast or copy an instant or sorcery spell, giving you some sort of benefit for doing so.Jun 18, 2021

Yes. The N Spell-Copies created by the Storm trigger will trigger Magecraft, because you are copying the Spell, N times.Apr 1, 2021

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image-Is Magecraft a triggered ability?
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How does chain of smog combo work?
With Chain of Smog, any target player discards two, and then that player may choose to copy that card. Essentially, you choose yourself as the target, copy the spell, choose yourself again, rinse and repeat. This triggers any Magecraft ability infinitely.Mar 26, 2021
Does arcane bombardment trigger Magecraft?
Magecraft is the perfect ability to pair with Arcane Bombardment. The ability triggers whenever you cast or copy an instant or sorcery spell.Apr 8, 2022
What is Magecraft?
Magecraft is an ability word introduced in Strixhaven: School of Mages that causes an effect whenever you cast or copy an instant or sorcery spell.
What is the fourth magic?
To put it simply, The Fourth Magic gives its user unimaginable processing capabilities so that they can fully understand and comprehend the precise location and momentum of every atom in the universe and their past and future values at any given moment.
What is Origin type moon?
Origin. Origin (起源, Kigen?) is the starting point that defines one's existence and directs one's actions throughout life. It is the driving force that comes from within the Root that has managed to stream out of the Source and take on material form.
What is the meaning of Magecraft in Harry Potter?
  • in: Magecraft. Magecraft (魔術, Majutsu), or Thaumaturgy, is the artificial reenactment of Mystery, which is ordinarily possible only by inhuman beings. It is the ability to bring about what is possible through science with supernatural means; although the process is considered a miracle, the result is not.
Does magecraft still exist in Fate/Extra?
  • Although magecraft has died out as of the 2030s in the Fate/EXTRA world, wizards are able to utilize Code Casts both in the virtual world and real world. They also possess Magic Crests. [3]
What is the difference between magecraft and science?
  • They also possess Magic Crests. [3] Magecraft is that "which governs the skills of past humans that science cannot explain" and science is that "which gathers the technology of future humanity that sorcery cannot reach." The two disciplines are absolutely incompatible with each other, but they are similar in a single respect.
What are the limits of modern magecraft?
  • The limits of Magecraft have changed with time, as science evolved and Magic from the past became possible through science. There exists no impossibility for modern Magecraft within the rules of the world and limits of human intellect; there are limitations, however, where it only appears that something is possible.