Is Ryu good in Smash?

How do you use Ryu's fireball?

Ryu has very potent combos and powerful moves like Shoryuken (Command Input) and Down Aerial that are great for KOing. Ryu also has the Shakunetsu Hadoken, a fire-based Hadoken projectile. His deadly combo game and powerful finishers allow him to deal devastating damage to opponents after finding an opening.Jul 4, 2022

Ryu's ultimate move is Shinku Hadoken, a gigantic, powerful fireball that flies across the screen. Execute it by doing the Hadouken motion twice, then pressing the bunch button. If you are in V-Trigger mode, this becomes the even more devastating Denjin Hadouken.Feb 15, 2016

Focus Attack Dash CancelEdit

Ryu hitting Ike, then Ganondorf through his Warlock Punch, showing off the move's super armor. Focus Attack can be cancelled by tapping left or right twice while holding down the button, making the user move a short distance in the direction pressed.
May 19, 2022

Input back, down-back, down, down-forward, forward to unleash a fiery Shakunetsu Hadoken that can deal multiple hits. Performing the move while moving the control stick in a semicircle towards the direction Ryu is facing (← ↙ ↓ ↘ → + attack/special) will unleash a Shakunetsu Hadoken (灼熱波動拳, Scorching Heat Surge Fist).Aug 25, 2022

  • Having said that, Ryu comes with several of his signature Street Fighter combo attacks, that are specially powerful against grounded foes, allowing chained light attacks to finish with strong blows. This section of the guide contains all the grounded attacks that Ryu can perform while on the stage.

  • Being the lead protagonist of Street Fighter series, Ryu has been a part of every cross-over and mainstream Street Fighter game. For more help on Street Fighter 5 Combos List, read our Lord Bison Character Guide, Necalli Character Guide, and Nash Character Guide.

  • Ryu's Up Special is the Shoryuken, which is used both as a recovery move and a combo finisher. To use it more effectively as a KO move, make sure to use its command input, as it will deal more damage and knockback.

  • He is an Eternal Wanderer and he is still on his way to perfection in virtual martial arts. If someone ever becomes even slightly interested in the Street Fighter game series, they have very good chances to come across this character. Ryu is the face and probably even the heart of this franchise.

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