Is there a movie about Genghis Khan's life?

Was Genghis Khan a god or a devil?

  • GENGHIS KHAN, after being raised by the evil leader Jamuga, escapes and forms his own tribe in the mountains. He returns to steal away and marry Jamuga's girl, and then goes to China. It is there that he gains the respect of the leader of the Chinese by fending off the warriors of Jamuga.

  • Genghis Khan, ruthless leader of the Mongols and sovereign over the vastest empire ever ruled by a single man, was both god and devil - not just in the Middle Ages, but for centuries to come. Set in ancient Mongolia, a man spent years seeking redemption after abandoning his mother when he was a child.

  • A biographical account of the famous Mongolian leader Temuchin who united the numerous Mongolian tribes in the 13th century, ultimately becoming titled as Chinggis Khan. It faithfully follows the account given in the historical document, The Secret History of the Mongols. 67 users are tracking this. Log in to see stats.

image-Is there a movie about Genghis Khan's life?
image-Is there a movie about Genghis Khan's life?
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