Is Utena queer?

Why did Anthy stab Utena?

Anthy/Utena is the central relationship in the medium-crossing series Revolutionary Girl Utena. The nature of the relationship as platonic or romantic is still strongly contested in some fandom circles, though in other circles, they are considered unambiguously canonically romantic.

Utena was winning and Akio being the coward that he is throws Anthy in to "fix" it. Having hope is a scary thing for someone in Anthy's position so Anthy decides to make Utena lose by stabbing her.

Utena is not yuri. The yuri scenes have symbolic connotations.

Utena Tenjou is the main protagonist from the Revolutionary Girl Utena anime and manga. Utena is a 14-year-old girl whose parents died when she was little. After a dashing prince saved her from depression, she vowed to become a prince herself.

Anthy appears to be South Asian, probably from Indian descent. She is noticeably darker than the other characters and wears a bindi mark or jewel.

The character heights are not official except for Utena. The rest of the cast has been measured in comparison to her 165cm on this chart.

The Revolutionary Girl Utena anime, released in 1997, follows Utena Tenjou, who in her youth was saved by a kind prince and was inspired by him that she strives to become a prince herself. As a teenager she dresses in a boy's school uniform and fights to protect a fellow student, Anthy Himemiya.Jul 25, 2017

Utena's name means sky, but she is never referred to as the sky, even metaphorically. She is always a star or a comet. She is sometimes visually represented as a star, for example with Anthy and with Touga.Nov 14, 2021

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image-Is Utena queer?
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What kind of person is Utena?
  • Utena is a popular, passionate and intelligent girl who is looked up to by a number of her fellow pupils, at first appearing to be the total opposite of her friend and fellow protagonist Anthy Himemiya.
What is Utena's real hair color?
  • Initially, Utena is portrayed with blonde hair and wearing a modified version of the boys' school uniform which is pink in color. In her final design in the anime and manga, Utena has waist-length straight pink hair that has bangs hanging over the right side of her face, blue eyes and she is taller than an average height.
Is Utena Tenjou a boy or girl?
  • Emanuela Pacotto (Italian) Utena Tenjou (天上ウテナ Tenjou Utena) is the protagonist of the series in every version. She is a student in her second year of middle school at Ohtori Academy who wears a boy's uniform in order to be more like her "prince".