What are the 3 types of perfumes?

What is the name of the man who makes human-scent perfume?

  • Perfume Characters Giuseppe Baldini Marquis de la Taillade- Espinasse Laure Richis Monsieur Grimal Madame Gaillard Dominique Druot Father Terrier Antoine Richis

  • Grenouille uses his shop to create his first human-scent perfume. Brock, Zoë. "Perfume Characters." LitCharts. LitCharts LLC, 23 May 2017. Web. 6 Aug 2021. Brock, Zoë. "Perfume Characters." LitCharts.

  • The scent may have personal significance (especially if given as a gift or chosen through careful consideration, thought, and analysis) giving further weight to the need for stability and not changing their approach to scent or the perfume they wear.

  • Oriental perfumes are made of everything that's warm, sensual, and opulent: gleaming amber notes and ancient spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. These are laced with ethereal wisps of incense or drizzled with soft musk.

image-What are the 3 types of perfumes?
image-What are the 3 types of perfumes?
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