What does Jack Lee bionde mean?

What is Jack Lee famous for?

  • Jack Lee (born March 25, 1952) is an American songwriter and musician best known for composing the song "Hanging on the Telephone", which was covered by the new wave band Blondie, and the song "Come Back and Stay", covered by the singer Paul Young.

  • Jack Lee (American football) (1917–1972), American football blocking back Jack Lee (chef) (born 1970), Vietnamese-American celebrity chef Jack Lee (film director) (1913–2002), film director, writer, editor and producer Jack Lee, the WW2 nom de plume of French SAS officer Raymond Couraud

  • Jack Lee (footballer, born 1920) (1920–1995), English footballer and cricketer Jack Lee (rugby league) (born 1988), English rugby league player Jack Lee (Australian footballer) (1878–1947), Australian rules footballer

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