What does monster do in one piece?

Where did the monster in Monster Hunter 2 come from?

  • Monster Hunter Collaborations (モンスターハンタ コラボ). This Article is all about the different collaborations, crossovers, and promotional gimmicks that the Monster Hunter Series have announced to date. These campaigns help Capcom sell more copies and to reach out to other people who have never played the game yet or are oblivious to the games existence.

  • The monster is actually from a Monster Hunter 2 comic story published by Dengeki. In a collaboration between Dengeki and Capcom, the monster was put into the game. The quest first became available on May 22, 2008.

  • Their collaboration with Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) was first revealed on July 30, 2009 and included a jacket design from the manga, Worst (ワースト). The jacket is called 武装戦線ジャケット, which requires an item (武装への招待状) from the event quest, 武装戦線・男たちの勝負!

image-What does monster do in one piece?
image-What does monster do in one piece?
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