What does Oh Ho Ho mean?

What is Oh Ho Ho's real name?

  • Noblewoman's Laugh. A stereotyped laugh used by women from aristocratic Japanese or pseudo-Japanese families, usually written "ホホホ" or "ほほほ" (ho ho ho), or sometimes "お~~ほほほ" (o~hohoho) representing a high-pitched, somewhat artificial form of refined feminine laughter (rather than the belly-laugh "ho ho ho" represents in English).

  • " Oh ho ho " (おほほ, Ohoho ) (real name unknown) is an Information Alliance Elite, pilot of the Object Gatling 033, also known as Rush. She is referred to by the protagonists as "Oh ho ho" because of her distinctive laugh.

  • It's so prevalent that the main characters, who don't know her real name, nickname her "Oh Ho Ho." Hikaru from Himechan No Ribon does this after she tells Hime-chan that Daichi likes her romantically. Ichinensei ni Nacchattara: Miho, the Rich Bitch elementary schooler.

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