What does the D stand for in Vampire Hunter D?

How many volumes of Vampire Hunter D are there?

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, the sequel to the cult 1986 anime classic Vampire Hunter D, will be coming to Blu-Ray and DVD courtesy of Discotek Media.Jul 30, 2015

From creator Hideyuki Kikuchi, one of Japan's leading horror authors with illustrations by renowned Japanese artist, Yoshitaka Amano, best known for his illustrations in Neil Gaiman's Sandman: The Dream Hunters and the Final Fantasy games. There are 30 volumes in this series.

While many sources do not refer to him by name, the English dubbing of the first Vampire Hunter D film (from the 1980s) has Count Magnus Lee ask D if his sire was Count Dracula, implying that is who the Sacred Ancestor is. He says this after looking back and forth between D and the picture of Dracula on the wall.

  • The project, overseen by Digital Manga Publishing and Hideyuki Kikuchi, aimed to adapt the entire catalogue of Vampire Hunter D novels into a manga form, however it had concluded after the eighth volume due in part to an injury affecting Takaki's ability to illustrate the series. [citation needed]

  • Vampire Hunter D. To date, twenty-six novels have been published in the main series, with some novels comprising as many as four volumes. The series has also spawned anime, audio drama, manga, and comic adaptations, as well as a short story collection, art books, and a supplemental guide book.

  • Retrieved August 7, 2022. Asashi Sonorama – Japanese publisher of the Vampire Hunter D series books and audio dramas. Dracula Lives! Lugosi v. Universal Pictures

  • Originally released on cassette tape, in 2005 they were re-released as a special edition, five-disc Vampire Hunter D - Audio Drama Box, including a small supplemental booklet with a new short story by Kikuchi and an "art cloth" with an illustration by Amano.

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