What happened to Mamare Touno?

Who is Yutaro Touno?

  • Mamare Tōno (橙乃 ままれ, Tōno Mamare), real name Daisuke Umezu (梅津 大輔, Umezu Daisuke) is a Japanese author of light novels and manga. He has written the series Log Horizon and Maoyū Maō Yūsha, both series have been adapted into anime. He is also the author of a manga series titled Trattoria After School (放課後のトラットリア, Hōkago no Trattoria).

  • The 42-year old author of Log Horizon and MAOYU was charged last April with tax evasion and violation of the Corporate Tax Law for allegedly neglecting to file about 122 million yen (US$1 million) in royalties in the three years since the fiscal year ending in March 2014. Touno owes the Japanese government 30 million yen (US$270,000) in taxes.

  • Touno’s sister does not hug Touno. Touno does not hug her either. Occasionally she kicks me, and rarely she will make meals for me. >>Mamare - why did shiroe choose to be an enchanter and akatsuki an assassin? They chose MMORPG for the theme of "as a human, living by oneself is difficult."

image-What happened to Mamare Touno?
image-What happened to Mamare Touno?
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