What happened to Melty Lancer?

Is my Meltylancer list public?

  • The crew of Melty Lancer must race against the clock to solve the mystery behind Iyenesco, and in turn, to save the world. 1,210 users are tracking this. Log in to see stats.

  • * Your list is public by default. Meltylancer is a Galaxy Police Organization unit comprised by six girls, all of which who have their own special skills and talents. A year has passed since the unit's disbandment, but a new threat leaves the GPO no choice but to recall all the members.

  • It was being operated by Vanessa, a mad college student. To handle the situation, former Lancers were called together to reform Melty Lancers. The Lancers were able to defeat Vanessa, however, countless small bits released by the giant robot continue to attack! S01:E02 - Pursue the Mysterious Gene Snatchers

image-What happened to Melty Lancer?
image-What happened to Melty Lancer?
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