What is a boarding house anime?

What is the anime House?

  • This is the Hinata House, also known as the Hinata Dorms. This is the anime house where most of the main events of the anime occur. Hina Urashima turned this beautiful and glamorous inn into an all-girls dormitory in which the main characters live together.

  • This anime house is the place where all of the family members (other than the three banished siblings) live. The head of the Sohma clan is Akito, who likes having all of the relatives live within the Sohma compound, under his control. Happy and Natsu's anime house looks like a quaint cottage from some kind of fairy tale, both serene and beautiful.

  • This spacious Japanese-style anime house belonging to the Chitanda Family is home to little Eru Chitanda. She loves inviting friends over to hang out by the comfy porch, surrounded by the serene sounds of nature. This anime house is home to Winry Rockbell and Pinako Rockbell, residents of Risembool.

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