What is Hells Paradise jigokuraku manga?

Who is the main character in Hell’s Paradise?

  • Hell's paradise manga volumes art and story are really well done. Hell's paradise last volume is 13, you can read all hell's paradise manga volumes here on hellsparadise.net

  • Gabimaru, hell’s paradise main character, also known as Tsuki, is a former Iwagakure shinobi assassin and the final possessor of the iconic alias Gabimaru the Hollow ( Garan no Gabimaru). He is also the husband of Yui, the Iwagakure chief’s seventh daughter. Hell’s Paradise Jigokuraku Characters: (characters from hell’s paradise fandom)

  • A big fan of Yuji Kaku's art since Fantasma in Jump Square, Hideaki Sakakibara enthusiastically volunteered to take on the series and became its second editor with chapters two and three. He believed that Hell's Paradise was the "mainstream battle fantasy" series that Shōnen Jump+ was still lacking and could become a best-seller in print.

image-What is Hells Paradise jigokuraku manga?
image-What is Hells Paradise jigokuraku manga?
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