What is La Blue Girl about?

How many volumes of La Blue Girl are there?

  • La Blue Girl Returns (four episodes, 2001) is an anime series that continues the adventures of Miko Mido. Another original story, this time about the legendary Shikima Brain, a place rumored to bring total power over the universe.

  • La Blue Girl, Toshio Maeda's manga of six volumes. La Blue Girl, a U.S. comic book by Matt Lunsford and José Calderon. It has the distinction of retelling the two distinctly separate story arcs of the first four episodes of the first anime series by merging them together, albeit with story changes to the plots of episodes 2 to 4.

  • This time the enemies are Fubuki Kai, a rogue ninja who wants to defeat Miko and claim the title of best ninja, and the cybernetized survivors of the Suzuka clan. ^ La Blue Girl 6 was initially released on VHS in two 30-minute long semi-episodes, while later releases (including the licensed English one) combine them into an hour long episode.

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