What is Ore Twintail ni narimasu?

What is Sōji's obsession with twintails?

  • Alongside fellow twin-tailed fighters Aika Tsube and Erina Shindou, Souji must find a way to defeat the invading army and defend the twintails he holds so dear. Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu. adapts the first 4 novels of Yume Mizusawa's light novel series of the same title.

  • Sōji Mitsuka is an ordinary high school boy who has an obsession for twintail hair. One day, he encounters a mysterious girl named Thouars from a parallel world when monsters appear in his town who declare that all twintails in the world belong to them. These monsters feed off the " Attribute Force ," the spiritual energy of humans.

  • Mitsuka Souji is a normal high school student with an extraordinary passion for twintails. One day, Twoearle, a beautiful, mysterious girl who claims to come from another world, appears before him. And at the same time, monsters appear in the town where Souji lives!

image-What is Ore Twintail ni narimasu?
image-What is Ore Twintail ni narimasu?
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