What is Peepo Choo?

Who is Milton from Peepo Choo?

  • Peepo Choo (ピポチュー, Pipo Chū) is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Felipe Smith. It was serialized in Kodansha 's manga magazine Monthly Morning Two from June 21, 2008. The individual chapters were collected into three bound volumes by Kodansha, which released them between April 24, 2009 and April 23, 2010.

  • On the surface Milton appears to be your average a high school student living in the thugged out streets of Chicago's South Side. As is the case with many teens looks can be deceiving. When he's not at school or riding the metro, he is at the local comic shop cosplaying as his favorite Japanese animation character Peepo Choo!

  • Morimoto, a young yakuza called "Rockstar," is a rising star of the yakuza world in Japan. He is addicted to American TV dramas. One day, Milton wins a chance to go to his dreamland Japan. Peepo Choo was published in English by Vertical from July 13 to December 14, 2010.

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