What is rerei Rei Missionary of Love?

Is Rei the strongest of the Kikaider brothers?

  • Like Ichiro, Rei lacks a Conscience Circuit, but unlike Ichiro, he has a cool personality. Due to being created in a rather simple way compared to Ichiro and Jiro, Rei shows little to no emotion towards things.

  • Despite being the least developed out of the Kikaider brothers, Rei had the most firepower out of all his siblings, surpassing those like Ichiro, Jiro and Saburo, with even Jiro being surprised at his strength. His calm fighting style literally made him a fighting machine, one that had no mercy towards his opponents.

  • He deploys two Gatling guns from his chest, opens his legs to reveal missile launchers, his fingers turn into gun barrels and his fore head opens up to reveal three mini turret cannons. He then fires them all at once to destroy multiple targets. Unnamed Energy Blast: Rei could fire a destructive green energy beam from his hands.

image-What is rerei Rei Missionary of Love?
image-What is rerei Rei Missionary of Love?
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