What is Tantei opera Milky Holmes?

What happened to Milky Holmes Farm in the Milky Holmes story?

  • The Gentlemen Thief leader, Arsene, masquerading as the Student Council President Henriette, moves Milky Holmes into a less luxurious lifestyle inside an attic and gives them three months to recover their toys before they are expelled. As the Gentlemen Thieves continue their crime spree, Milky Holmes are having trouble adjusting to the poorer life.

  • After Milky Holmes are reminded about their roles as detectives, the matter is settled following a few explosions and Henriette's order to destroy the farm. As Milky Holmes laments the loss of their farm, Hercule notices their Toys have returned, with the others oblivious to the fact.

  • When Kamaboko starts pilfering bread from the cafeteria, Milky Holmes are accused of stealing it. Wanting to protect the kitten, Cordelia takes the blame. In order to save Cordelia from expulsion, Milky Holmes investigate the crime scene, finding the true culprit and the reason Cordelia protected him.

image-What is Tantei opera Milky Holmes?
image-What is Tantei opera Milky Holmes?
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