What is the anime discord?

What kind of sex does Discode have?

  • In Discode, we follow our unusually endowed heroine (Futaba) as her equipment and strong sexual urges are discovered and manipulated by her frighteningly interested junior (Kyouko). We also watch Kyouko herself and her sexual desires and escapades, as well as watch the budding romance between Futaba and male lead Kagekiyo.

  • Speaking of sex, Discode has a variety of sex: there's exhibitionism; there's typical hentai pseudo-rape; there's more-or-less consensual sex; and there's happy consensual sex. There's masturbation, oral sex, inner-thigh sex, anal sex, and vaginal sex; there's lesbian sex and heterosexual sex.

image-What is the anime discord?
image-What is the anime discord?
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