What is the anime rusted armors about?

How do you get rusted armor in Conan exiles?

Rusted Armors is this season's ghastly CG nightmare show, and it's definitely giving EX-ARM a run for its money in the ugly department. That's kind of too bad, because there are elements of the story that could have been interesting, but they're buried under a slew of named characters and poorly-explained plot.Jan 9, 2022

To craft the Rusted set, you'll need one Perfected Heavy Padding, 18-35 Star Metal, 20 Armor Scraps, and eight Alchemical Base per piece. To upgrade a piece of the Rusted set, you simply need to combine it with two Dragonpowder, eight Alchemical Base, and eight Armor Scraps.Jun 9, 2021

For one of the most powerful legendary armor sets there are in the game, the kind that makes godly avatars tremble with fear, look no further than the Godbreaker Armor.Aug 16, 2022

Godbreaker: This is the only armor in Conan Exiles that has the highest base armor and cold resistance rating. Godbreaker can easily let you get through the cold regions and even beat your opponents by taking much lesser damage.Jul 22, 2022

image-What is the anime rusted armors about?
image-What is the anime rusted armors about?
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