What is the biggest scale Gundam?

What are the different sizes of Gundam models?

It's easy to make this misconception because the hardest Gundam models on the market—Perfect Grades—are almost always 1/60 scale. But as we know now, scale has nothing to do with difficulty. The grade will always determine how many pieces make up a model, and therefore how hard it is to build.Sep 3, 2019

  • It might be confusing when you’re shopping if you’re new to the hobby. What are the different sizes of Gundam models? There are five sizes: 1/144, 1/100, 1/60, 1/48, and Super Deformed. 1/144 is the size of High Grade and Real Grade models, Master Grade models are 1/100, 1/60 is reserved for Perfect Grade, and 1/48 is the Mega Size.

  • In the Gundam anime, the mechs aren’t models – they’re 18 meters (59 feet) tall. The models you can build are scale models. The 1/144 size means it’s just a tiny fraction of the big mech; it’s only 144th the actual size.

  • Top Pick: Bandai Hobby Wing Gundam Zero Version EW 1/100 – Master Grade This Gunpla is a good place to start for beginners because of its size and level of detail. It’s a 1/100 Master Grade, so it’s about 7 inches tall.

  • They’re shaped differently and aren’t a scale model; they’re just a fun-sized model without any proportion accuracy. Notable characteristics of SD Gunpla are the big feet, big head, and tiny body. The eyes on SD Gunpla are also noticeably larger.

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