What is the Isayama Reiner sketch?

Who was Mikasa inspired by?

Isayama isn't saying Kodansha rushed him, just saying. He wasn't forced to rush the ending by the Editorial Department but rather he was hasty to complete the series.

Hajime Isayama:

There are some parts of Mikasa that are unrefined, yet on the other hand, she has a brave personality. I think these are influenced from the heroine of Berserk, Casca. At that time while drawing, I didn't realize it - but after a while, I realized that Mikasa resembles Casca.
Dec 31, 2017

Hajime Isayama (諫山 創 Isayama Hajime, born August 29, 1986) is a Japanese manga artist. His first and currently ongoing series, Attack on Titan, is experiencing success with 52.5 million copies in circulation as of July 2015.

–And you don't draw your manga digitally, either. Isayama: Right, I do it by hand. It's hard to make that leap to digital in the middle of a series. I get the feeling that I wouldn't be able to get my art right if I were to do it digitally — I'm probably more suited for doing it by analog.Dec 24, 2014

From the very beginning, the show has used CGI to aid the animation, from camera movement, to small weapons and details. However, when Studio WIT started using CG animation to depict the Colossal Titan starting in season 2, the difference was noticeable.Apr 15, 2022

Reiner is Hajime Isayama's favorite character, because he has suffered the most and his character truly represents both sides of Marley and eldia.

image-What is the Isayama Reiner sketch?
image-What is the Isayama Reiner sketch?
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