What is the Ultraman anime series?

What is the Ultraman Graffiti series?

  • ウルトラマン. ). (Urutoraman), also trademarked as Anime ULTRAMAN, is a 3DCG anime series produced by Tsuburaya Productions and Production I.G based on the manga series of the same name, ULTRAMAN. The first season of this series was released worldwide on April 1, 2019, via Netflix.

  • The Ultraman Graffiti series was a six-episode OVA that featured classic Ultraman heroes and kaiju redrawn in a cute chibi style. Rather than the usual superhero storylines, this OVA series recast Ultraman as a humble salaryman who has to deal with all of the trials and tribulations of office and family life.

  • Ultraman is a Japanese institution. The franchise's tales of giant heroes fighting monstrous kaiju have resonated with viewers since its debut in 1966, leading the series to move into many different forms of media and spawn countless spinoffs and side-stories.

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