What jacket does Akira wear?

Is this the hottest jacket in anime history?

Official "Kaneda" Exclusive 30th Anniversary Leather Jacket from AKIRA. Based on the acclaimed manga by world famous Katsuhiro Otomo, here comes a genuine high quality leather embodiment of the legendary red jacket worn by Kaneda.

  • Now, anime distribution company Funimation is delivering another gem: Kaneda’s jacket from AKIRA, arguably the hottest garment in anime history, is coming to North America. Kaneda's jacket from AKIRA. Hillary Head No capsule on this one. Hillary Head

  • The Kaneda Jacket is being sold exclusively through the Funimation Shop. The jacket is priced at $450 and limited to just 300 pieces in the US. It'll go on sale on Tuesday, July 13. Given the ever-growing cosplay scene, we suspect it won't remain in stock for very long.

  • For fans of Katsuhiro Otomo ‘s iconic 1982 manga/anime Akira, Funimation is now readying the release of a limited edition replica of Shōtarō Kaneda’s jacket. The authentic recreation of the signature outerwear was designed with meticulous attention to detail.

  • The Kaneda jacket is directly modeled on the design by Akira manga creator/film director Katsuhiro Otomo. The piece was brought to life by Carlo Levy (Managing Director of DYBEX S.A), Alessandro Trombetta (Designer) and Stefan Henzgen (MD of Van Doornum GmbH & Co.).

image-What jacket does Akira wear?
image-What jacket does Akira wear?
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