Where to see Pikachu in Yokohama?

Where to go at the Pikachu Festival 2019?

  • Venue: Minato Mirai When: Early - Mid Aug 2021 Come summer, get ready for a flurry of adorable Pikachu in Yokohama! Held at the Minato Mirai district for a week, Pikachu Outbreak will be happening for the sixth running year. Expect to see lots of dancing pikachus in parades, on water and also light shows with entertaining digital effects.

  • Similarly dotted all over the place will be numerous photo spots for you to snap a few commemorative pictures. For the largest event of the Pikachu festival, head to Rinkai Park where up to 50 Pikachu will be dancing up a storm.

image-Where to see Pikachu in Yokohama?
image-Where to see Pikachu in Yokohama?
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