Who can beat benimaru?

Who is the main villain in Fire Force?

Benimaru's intense eyes reflect his hybrid powers and his tremendous potential. Benimaru's eyes have red irises with a white x in his left eye and a white circle in his right eye, much like traditional tic-tac-toe shapes.Jul 18, 2022

Type of Villain

The Evangelist is the overarching antagonist of the 2015 dark fantasy manga series Fire Force and its 2019 anime television series adaptation of the same name, as well as one of the two overarching antagonists of the Soul Eater series.

The Fire Chief is the highest ranking position that you can achieve in a fire department. However, in most cities and municipalities, the Fire Chief answers to the city manager or mayor.

The three of them resolve to find the missing Priest before he can harm any more innocent people. Unfortunately, Rekka is indeed off harming more innocent more people at that very moment. And, more shockingly, we find out that Company 8's Tamaki is his unwitting accomplice.Sep 2, 2019

Rekka killed by Arrow. As Tamaki attempts to evacuate the children, Rekka begins attacking them in hope of disguising their deaths as a fire incident and bringing the children to his preacher.

Karim is a Second Generation, who has awakened the ability to generate ice using "Thermoacoustic Refrigeration" — an ability that allows him to collect heat energy from an external source inside the instrument and then transform the energy into sound, thus decreasing its temperature.

The traitor in Fire Force is none other than Viktor Licht.

Ever since he joined Company 8, he has been keeping a close eye on Shinra Kusakabe. He then used to feed information about him to the higher-ups in the Haijima Industries.
Oct 2, 2020

Hinawa's age was initially listed 25 in his original character profile, however Atsushi Ohkubo has stated at Hinawa is in fact 28 years old in the Afterword of Volume 6.

Momiji. Momiji is a Tengu and the daughter of Hakurou. She goes on to fall in love with Benimaru, becoming his wife and bearing his offspring before his awakening.

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Is benimaru a villain?
He is an honest man, though sometimes honest to the point where he is rude to others. Although Benimaru destroys buildings and houses in Asakusa when facing an Infernal, he is seen as a hero and benevolent by the citizens.
What is special Fire Force Company 1?
  • Special Fire Force Company 1 (第1特殊消防隊, Dai Ichi Tokushu Shōbōtai) is an elite group composed mostly of Holy Sol Temple members with jurisdiction in the Shinjuku District, the religious faith later revealed to have connections to the White Clad.
What is the Order of the characters names in Fire Force?
  • The Fire Force manga series features an extensive cast of characters created by Atsushi Ōkubo. Although native form of Japanese name follows the Eastern name order (family name, given name), the characters names in the series follow the Western name order (given name, family name).
What is the 5th Special Fire Force Company 5?
  • Special Fire Force Company 5 (第5特殊消防隊, Dai Go Tokushu Shōbōtai) is one of two Fire Force Companies that is heavily influenced by Haijima Industries due to the research conducted by Hibana. It is stationed at the 5th Special Fire Fighting Industrial Complex in Tokyo.
Who are the actors in the Fire Force TV anime?
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