Who is the best anime composer?

What instruments does Yuki Hayashi use?

All Might (From "My Hero Academia") - Single by None Like Joshua | Spotify.

Favorite instruments: piano, strings, and traditional Japanese instruments. Skills & Abilities: Former rhythmic gymnast. He composed his own accompaniments and 80% - 90% of all gymnastic accompaniments in Japan.

Asami Tachibana, the composer for Haikyuu, stirred up debate when they posted a snippet from the recording booth. The composer shared a small of funky music that no one had heard before.Oct 6, 2020

Kohei Tanaka and Shirō Hamaguchi are the main composers for One Piece anime soundtracks including OVAs, TV specials, films except One Piece: Film Gold which was composed by Yuki Hayashi and there are numerous other artists who have worked with Kohei Tanaka and Shirō Hamaguchi to produce the soundtracks.

Yuki Hayashi (composer)

I wrote yesterday about how Yuki Hayashi is one of the current rising stars in the world of anime soundtracks, and today I'll shine the spotlight on arguably one of his greatest, most recognisable tracks – You Say Run.Jun 3, 2017

1. Joe Hisaishi. What is this? Possibly the most famous Japanese composer of all time, Joe Hisaishi (born Mamoru Fujisawa) is well known for his work with director Miyazaki Hayao on dozens of Studio Ghibli films.Apr 20, 2022

image-Who is the best anime composer?
image-Who is the best anime composer?
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