Who is the creator of Ehrgeiz?

How is Ehrgeiz different from other 3D fighting games?

  • Ehrgeiz (エアガイツ, Eagaitsu, German: [ˈeːɐ̯ɡaɪ̯ts] "Ambition"), fully titled Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring, is a 3D fighting video game developed by DreamFactory and published by Namco in 1998 for the arcade platform. It was first ported to the PlayStation and published by Square Co. in 1998, then to Japan's PlayStation Network by Square Enix in 2008.

  • Ehrgeiz differs from most 3D fighting games by drawing heavily from the concepts of wrestling games and Dream Factory's own Tobal series, which allows for full 360-degree movement and does not require fighters to be facing one another at all times.

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image-Who is the creator of Ehrgeiz?
image-Who is the creator of Ehrgeiz?
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