Who is the director of Viceland?

What is the difference between VICE News and Viceland?

  • Viceland launched on February 29, 2016 with two Viceland-branded cable channels; the American version (rebranded from H2) is a joint venture majority-owned by A&E Networks (who owns a 10% stake in Vice Media, alongside a separate 10% stake owned directly by A&E's co-owner Disney ), while the now defunct Canadian version (rebranded from Bio)...

  • Viceland will focus primarily on lifestyle content; Vice News content will remain largely exclusive to Vice's existing joint venture with HBO. Jonze stated that unlike the HBO content, Viceland would be "far from objective [reporting]".

  • A Sky representative defended the channel, noting the steady growth and accolades of the U.S. network. Viceland changed its name in 2018 to 'Vice'. As of 21 July 2018, Vice is now available on Virgin Media channel 219.

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