Who is Yohane in Love Live Sunshine?

Who is Yohane the Fallen Angel?

  • This cute Yohane is a fallen angel who fell from heaven into this unlucky hell. --- Right? Once you hear that--- you definitely have to come, right? Don't mind even if you saw anything scary--- Definitely come play at least once, okay? Gamers x Love Live! Sunshine!! (July 2016) Well, jeez, I'm talking about this, this!!

  • Yoshiko likes the "little devil" look and proclaims herself to be "Yohane, the Fallen Angel" (堕 だ 天 てん 使 し ヨハネ Datenshi Yohane), an angel who has angered God and was cast from the heavens to Earth for it, developing a human body which is merely a vessel to which her soul is bound to.

  • Chika and Yohane’s rock-paper-scissors match!! In a chivalrous rock-paper-scissors game where losing means winning― where the winner pays a sacrifice and the loser gets priority― I absolutely have the advantage!! I’m getting that miniskirt with rock-paper-scissors!!!

image-Who is Yohane in Love Live Sunshine?
image-Who is Yohane in Love Live Sunshine?
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