Who made the Adventure Time outro?

Was Finn in a coma?

In tonight's episode of the Cartoon Network animated show, entitled “The Music Hole,” Finn judges a Battle Of The Bands competition in which Marceline sings the last few lines of Mitski's Bury Me At Makeout Creek cut “Francis Forever.” It's not actually Mitski singing, but still — pretty cool!Jun 23, 2016

Finn entered a coma after sustaining lightsaber injuries from Kylo Ren during the Battle of Starkiller Base. He later awoke surrounded by a flexpoly bacta suit.

Created by Pendleton Ward and executive produced by Adam Muto, “Adventure Time” ran for 10 seasons and 283 episodes on Cartoon Network, from 2010-2018.Oct 23, 2019

Finn & Roselinen

Finn lives a long, fulfilling life in the pillow kingdom with Roselinen and their two children, but the idea of finding his way back home never leaves his mind.
Feb 20, 2022

Francis Forever is a song composed by Mitski for her 2014 album, Bury Me at Makeout Creek. A portion of it is sung by Marceline in the episode "The Music Hole."

End Credits

"Time Adventure" is a song featured in the series finale "Come Along With Me," where BMO sings the song to Jake.

The song that ice fox sings as Finn, Jake & Ice King arrive in the ice kingdom is called 'Blue Magic' and is performed by Kelly Hogan & Bill Taft.

Adventure time: the movie is the first Adventure Time american animated musical comedy movie. The film is produced by Cartoon Network Movies,and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

due to sacrificing her body in order to treat the human race from a virus. Finn was offered to live on the island but Finn decided to go home to Ooo rather than live with the rest of his species. So after the miniseries Islands, Finn being "the last human" was completely dispelled.

image-Who made the Adventure Time outro?
image-Who made the Adventure Time outro?
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How did Finn lose his arm?
Finn loses his arm when the Lich destroys the Citadel, and Martin escapes. Finn is changed by the loss of his arm and becomes disillusioned with his father. A flower blooms from the stump where Finn's arm used to be, and eventually grows into a new arm.
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Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake (working title) is an upcoming young-adult streaming television series based on the American animated television series Adventure Time, created by Pendleton Ward and produced by Frederator Studios. The series is expected to premiere sometime in 2023.