Who voiced father James in Mafia 3?

Is Lincoln Clay black?

He is 18 when the story begins in July, 1943. His first name may be a reference to Don Vito Corleone from The Godfather and its sequel. Interestingly enough, the name of both Vito Scaletta's and Don Vito's fathers was Antonio. The child Vito bears a striking resemblance to Tommy Angelo, of Mafia II's predecessor.

Lincoln Clay is a black man (mixed race but identifies as black in the game), and a war veteran who was left for dead after getting shot in head.May 28, 2020

Dave Fennoy is the voice of Charles Laveau / The Voice in Mafia III.

Rather than just killing Burke, Barbieri crippled him, allegedly because he likes the idea of "tenderizing his meat a little" before consuming it. After this, The Butcher was given control of the rackets in Pointe Verdun.

Sal Marcano is sick of being a mobster and wants to protect his son from danger by going legitimate, so he betrays the Black Mob and makes an enemy of Lincoln Clay who dismantles his empire before killing his son, then potentially him.

image-Who voiced father James in Mafia 3?
image-Who voiced father James in Mafia 3?
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