Who was Gugu in love with?

What happened to Rean To Your Eternity?

Kahaku was the only male who leads the brigade despite the position being traditionally female. His mother died without bearing a daughter, and thus the responsibility fell to him. However, he also fell in love with Fushi just like everyone in his bloodline when he saw Fushi shift into Parona's form.

Aftermath. After the events of the Takunaha Arc, Rean continued to run Booze Man's shop with Shin and Booze Man. She never got married and kept waiting for Gugu to return.

After awakening, Fushi resurrects the eleven spirits following him, including his closest friends March, Gugu, Tonari and Bon. The Beholder makes to decision to transform himself into a twelve-year-old boy, calling himself Satoru, ultimately abandoning his creation.

Gugu reveals the truth that the mask he used is for him to hide the injuries on his face.

After the battle is won, March decides that she doesn't want to grow up without Fushi and lets herself get poisoned by Hairo. She gets resurrected in the Modern Arc where she is "adopted" by a family in Ninannah, but as soon as she finds out that Fushi is alive, she decides to live with him.

Since he is already doomed, he takes his own life by means of a euthanasia drug, just like March. After the "time skip" into the modern day era, Gugu is revived and finds himself in a field.

After Gugu's death, Rean spent the remainder of her life running Booze Man's shop and spreading the tale of Gugu's endeavors. True to her word, she never married, and instead continued to wait for him to return.

After rescuing Rean, Gugu's brother Shin emerges from the crowd and carries Gugu away on his back. Gugu wakes up on his brother's back and is reunited with his friends and family. Everything is perfect, even Gugu's face has miraculously healed.

After a long struggle, Fushi reunites with Pioran. While he hated to put her in danger, he couldn't stand the thought of not being there to care for her. Pioran recognizes him, even in Mia's form, and the two decide to keep spending her life together.Aug 30, 2021

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image-Who was Gugu in love with?
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Does Rean know Gugu saved her?
Rean Cropp

He and Rean tend to fight a lot, but the two do start to grow a budding romance, with Rean not knowing that it was Gugu who saved her from those falling logs. After the two become teens, Rean invites him and Fushi to her birthday party, where her parents are trying to arrange a marriage for her.
Can Fushi revive the dead?
However, Fushi can only revive someone whose Fye remains in the world, and he can't revive someone he hasn't seen alive, as their recreated body would be dead already. Fushi can circumvent this restriction if he is able to interact with the soul directly, such as using Bon's body and his ability to see them.
Who can Fushi transform into?
The two spend some time pulling pranks on people, mostly using Fushi's ability to transform into a wolf and a bear, until Rean finds them and tries to convince Gugu to return home with her.
Why is Gugus stomach big?
We also finally learn why Gugu's stomach is bloated. It turns out that the old Booze Man put a liquor organ inside Gugu's body!Jun 2, 2021
How does Fushi feel when Gugu dies?
  • When March died, Fushi expressed his grief through his rampage as Oniguma. Now, as Gugu dies, Fushi feels it in his human form and it hits him much harder than it did for March. His grief and horror explodes as he watches his body automatically transform into Gugu.
What happens to your face after a car accident?
  • The face can sustain many severe injuries during a car accident, such as cuts, abrasions or even burns. These can occur on any combination of areas such as on the lips, eyebrows, forehead and cheeks, jaw and chin. If these wounds are deep, broad or jagged and do not heal properly, they can leave unsightly, visible scars on your face.
What happens to Gugu at the end of the manga?
  • This is the first and last time Gugu allows Rean to look at him without his mask -- and the last time he will see her accept him for who he is. When March died, Fushi expressed his grief through his rampage as Oniguma. Now, as Gugu dies, Fushi feels it in his human form and it hits him much harder than it did for March.
What happened to Shin and Gugu's family?
  • From a young age, Gugu and his brother, Shin, have been working as servants for various families. Because he was so young, Gugu mistook one employer as his family and was confused when they moved away but didn't bring Shin and him along.