Why did they stop making squinkies?

Do they still make Shopkins?

Squinkies Squashies are squishy, bouncy, colorful (and sometimes sparkly) characters, animals and creatures! Be sure to look for Squashies Mini Gumball Surprise at your local retailer as we near the holidays.Nov 22, 2016

Moose will continue to produce the Shopkins toys you know and love. Only the iOS and Android apps are being discontinued.

Zoobles! were released in August 2010 in the United States, consisting of a wide variety of sphere shaped animal creatures that could close into a ball and when placed on a magnetic stand called "Happitat", would open up into a unique figure.

The first season of Shopkins, was released in June 2014. The season came out in major retailers. The first season of Shopkins contained over 150 characters to collect, all based on grocery store items.

It's time to celebrate – Squinkies are returning! After a five year hibernation, these colorful creatures are back and ready to play with their human friends. With all new characters and playsets, an entire new generation of children is about to fall in love with Squinkies 'Do Drops!Nov 22, 2016

  • Zoobles! (Hangul: 쥬블스, Katakana: ズーブルズ!, Zūburuzu!) is a Japanese / Korean Anime series based on the toys of the same name by Spin Master and Sega Toys.

  • The Candy Factory is a place where all Zoobles are born. Beyond that factory, is a world called Candy Land where all Zoobles live. The story revolves around the three main Zoobles: Chevy, a Cat Zooble with an Orange Flavor, Coron, a Rabbit Zooble with a Strawberry Milk Flavor and Panky, a Panda Zooble with a Blueberry Yogurt Flavor.

  • Loff is considered to be among the shyest of all the Zoobles, as she is almost always seen in her ball form. She doesn't always talk much, and sometimes can get scared easily.

  • Coupe is a yellow and pink Giraffe Zooble with a Raspberry Cheese flavor. Somewhat a jinxed Zooble, Coope always looks on the bright side despite the huge bad luck that usually affects her and the friends around her. But sometimes her bad luck actually prevented anyone from experiencing further calamity.

image-Why did they stop making squinkies?
image-Why did they stop making squinkies?
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