Why did Yuzuru Hanyu retire?

Who is better Nathan Chen or Yuzuru Hanyu?

Hanyu said in his retirement presser that he plans to continue skating professionally in non-competitive shows as it gives him a chance to continue his bid to land the elusive quad Axel.Jul 20, 2022

Last season ended with the 2021 World Team Trophy where Chen again placed first ahead of Hanyu (his result helped Team USA win the silver medal, Japan took bronze). If form is anything to go by, it would seem that the "Quad King", as Chen is called, has overtaken Hanyu as the favourite for Olympic gold.Feb 15, 2022

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — Olympic figure skating champion Nathan Chen withdrew from the world championships on Wednesday because of what he called a “nagging injury” that he's been dealing with after winning at the Beijing Games.Mar 17, 2022

Although the semblance is intentionally superficial, the animated characters certainly seem to take a lot of characteristics of their real-life counterparts. As revealed by a real-life figure skater last year, Yuri Katsuki bears an uncanny resemblance to Japanese figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu.Jan 18, 2017

Hanyu cemented himself in figure skating history as a legend

Since his first Olympics in Sochi, Yuzuru Hanyu has made a lasting impact on the sport. Breaking records and becoming the first man to breach the 100-point barrier in the short program, the 19-year-old took home his first Olympic title.
Jul 19, 2022

Goat, or G.O.A.T, is an abbreviation for “Greatest of All Time.” This term is also what figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu has been regarded as since his first Olympic gold medal back in the Russia 2014 Winter Games.May 1, 2022

Yuzuru Hanyu, Nathan Chen's chief rival, starts his short program with a costly mistake. Yuzuru Hanyu has been nearly perfect in winning two Olympic gold medals.Feb 17, 2022

Hanyu would skip much of Covid-19-ridden 2020 given his long-standing struggles with asthma. He was diagnosed as a toddler and experienced stamina problems throughout his junior career.Oct 14, 2021

Hanyu Yuzuru, (born December 7, 1994, Sendai, Japan), Japanese figure skater who at the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, became the first Japanese man to win an Olympic gold medal in figure skating. He added a second Olympic gold four years later at the 2018 Winter Games in P'yŏngch'ang, South Korea.

image-Why did Yuzuru Hanyu retire?
image-Why did Yuzuru Hanyu retire?
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Why do figure skaters retire so early?
Figure skating is an extremely physically taxing sport and as a result, many skaters retire due to injuries sustained during their competitive career. Many retired skaters teach at rinks or coach younger dancers after they have retired from skating competitions and Olympic games alike.
What is going on with the Russian figure skater?
Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva, who was embroiled in a doping scandal at Beijing 2022, will return to competition at the Channel One Trophy in Saransk, Russia, this weekend.Mar 23, 2022
Where is Yanyu Yuzuru Hanyu's 'Fantasy on ice' in Japan?
  • The Hanyu Yuzuru -led figure skating 's 'Fantasy on Ice' tour in Japan is opening its second act at the Nippongaishi Hall in Nagoya on Friday (3 June). The four-stop show wrapped up its first weekend in Makuhari, Chiba Prefecture, last week.
How old is Yuzuru Hanyu?
  • e Yuzuru Hanyu (羽生 結弦, Ha'nyū Yuzuru, born December 7, 1994) is a Japanese figure skater.
Is Yuzuru Hanyu ready for the 2019 figure skating Worlds?
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Why did Yuzuru Hanyu withdraw from the Olympics?
  • He placed first in both the short program and free skate with a total score of 286.86 points, earning him his third consecutive Japan National Championships title and the first spot for Japan at the 2015 World Championships. He withdrew from the gala following the competition due to abdominal pain.