Why does Pop Team Epic repeat episodes?

Is Pop Team Epic still going?

As spotted by @WTK on Twitter, Netflix has altered the original upload for the series and has adjusted Pop Team Epic's runtime from its former 12 mins to 23 mins.Feb 23, 2020

The series was renewed for a second season on December 26, 2021, following the finale of Pop Team Epic Repeat. It is set to premiere in October 2022.

Pop Team Epic is based on the Takeshobo-published manga by Bkub Ookawa, which began in 2014 and released its sixth “season” in 2021. The manga is serialized on Manga Life Win and published under the Bamboo Comics Win Selection label. Kodansha USA publishes the manga in English.Sep 5, 2022

Pipimi (ピピ美) is a fourteen-year-old girl.

Pop Team Epic season 2 will be adding to the incredibly stacked Fall 2022 anime season, with the first episode of the upcoming series dropping on October 1 at 25:30 JST.Sep 5, 2022

Pop Team Epic | Watch on Funimation.

  • Kaori Nazuka, Yūki Kaji (original), Mamiko Noto, Daisuke Namikawa ( Repeat ) Pop Team Epic is written and illustrated by Bkub Okawa, previously known for his Touhou Project dōjinshi. The series was serialized in Takeshobo 's Manga Life Win website between August 29, 2014 [8] and November 7, 2015.

  • Each sketch in Pop Team Epic is animated in a different style, which gives each segment a specific and special feel. While most are traditionally animated, others take a wilder approach, such as the recurring music videos that are performed by felt stop-motion versions of the characters.

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