Why isn't the Bolar Wars more popular?

When was the original Star Blazers created?

  • When it came time to dub The Bolar Wars, he’s said that he tried to find the original voice actors, but had no access to records of who they were. Had it been a union job, they could have been traced fairly easily. It wasn’t. With little to go on, he instead turned to his usual crew of voices. The cast is limited.

  • In an interview published in Argo Press’ Star Blazers #3, Fernandez had said he was actually contacted during the original creation of Star Blazers in the 70s. But by that time, production was already under way and actors had been hired.

  • The result was the original 52 episode run of Star Blazers, first broadcast in 1979 and running in various markets for the next few years. With the 80s came a wave of deregulation. FCC and NAB restrictions were relaxed.

image-Why isn't the Bolar Wars more popular?
image-Why isn't the Bolar Wars more popular?
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